The Wolfe Pack

Setting up a server is really, really hard. You do the slightest thing wrong and all the services start correctly, all looks good until you visit the page and it sits there failing to load. what's even more enfuriating is when the page title is registered and no actual html or anything comes through.

@destructatron there's always Pleroma, it's reasonably easy to set up, and works very well. If you want the latest in accessibility fixes, use the develop branch.

@storm If it has the ability to set a custom character limit and works with Semaphore without much messing around, then I'll definitely give it a look.

@destructatron this reply is coming from Also, you can change character limit. I have an instance set up on for people who are interested in seeing accessibility fixes before they get pushed to the stable branch. If you want an account to look around/try it, pm me your email and I'll set you up. It's invite only instance.

@storm Thank you. I've just set my own up, and I appear to have no admin interface or the button isn't accessible. is this because I didn't enable the config being saved in the database? If so how can I do it safely without borking my database up?

@destructatron There should be a link near the top of the page, you can tab to get to it, or navigate by link. It should say "Administration link".

@storm Thanks, before it just logged me out, but flat review clicking fixed it.

@storm Now I can't find settings anywhere. I'm trying to import my followers so I can migrate accounts over and yeah, not seeing it.

@destructatron it looks like you got everything figured out while I was sleeping. If you still have questions let me know and I will try to help. But first, ☕ for me.

@storm @destructatron Thanks, you've helped a lot. I'd probably still be trying to get base mastodon set up if you hadn't chipped in, and that is a process and a half. The only question I have now is, can I expose the additional configuration options for the admin FE now I've run the config. It asked if I wanted to and I left it at defaults. Can I do this without messing up the database?

@destructatron @destructatron I am actually not sure, I haven't ever done it myself, but I think this instance I chose false on as well and I have done things in the admin page and nothing broke. You could join #pleroma on and maybe someone there would know.

@storm @destructatron I might give that a try. Speaking of IRC, is there a client for Linux that's decently accessible and can be configured with SSL without too much bother? I'd like it to have SASL support otherwise I can't connect to from behind a VPN, which is what I need to do because the college wi-fi blocks anything that's not essential. It's not a must have feature though, it would just be nice if it existed.

@destructatron @destructatron I think pidgin has those type features. I use irssi, but it's one of those things that I set up like 10 years ago and barely touch the configuration since. If I lost my config somehow, I'd be scrambling for a bit to get it back the way I like it lol. Which would you prefer, command line client or GUI?

@storm @destructatron Pidgin is fine for me, the only issue is reviewing history. I'd like to be able to review it without going into a log file of the current session because that won't dynamically update.

@destructatron @destructatron I thought you could use orca+f1-f12 to review the history?

@storm @destructatron I didn't even know that existed. So it keeps a log of the last 12 entries and lets you review them, i take it f1 is the most recent.

@destructatron @destructatron@mastodon.sociael I think so. Keep in mind that I haven't used Pidgin regularly since something like 2010.

@storm Just tested it and it works. Thanks again. Now to add some sounds to it.

Press f6 to get to your fully scrollable history in the current Pidgin window. Press pretty much any key to get back to where you can type another message.